Sunday, July 12, 2009

A sad week

This is my 13th drawing that I produced this year. It took a pretty long time to do. What inspired to me to create this is that i was having a very sad depressing week.. I put all i could do was put my all into this drawing, it was a challenge to do but i tried my best to do what i can. I put my emotions aside when things get rough. I would put some emotions into my work just to give it some feeling. i believe that if u put ur all into what you love than you will truly sucseed.


  1. lol thank you uncle mike ^_^

  2. hey my name is veronica 16 is an important age youll discover so much. keep at it! you can do whatever you want but in order to be a good artist and bring a new view you need to be well rounded. practice real still life and draw people around you as they move and do stuff so you can get use to doing movement. try a thick paint brush with water and ink or black paint you'll see how much fun it is to do art with that too!

  3. thank you veronica ! ill take your advice ^_^ hope u enjoy the new art work ill be posting this week.