Thursday, April 1, 2010

what should i do?..

this is my most recent picture. as you can see over time i am slowly progressing and adding more detail. this picture has so much detail it took ablout a week to complet. the eyes were Very important in this drawing. i spent 20 min. on each of them. i wanted to make sure the person looking at this, could feel the emotion in her eyes. her hair was actualy very easy. simple curvs. now the shading was a bit of a chalange for me. lol never really did it before. but with alittle advice from a great friend i gave it a shot. i was a bit nervious i would do alittle to much around her face. but i think it turned out very well. her hands were easy as pie. for some reason i am amble to draw them very well. lol guees its from watching mine when i draw ^_^ i am extreamly proud of this drawing. hope you all like it.


this picture is of a brother and sister sharing a nice piece of strawberry cake ^_^ i drew this because i was in a happy sweet mood and this would be something i would have liked to do with me own brother. there is a bit more detail in this picture. i payed more atention to there eyes since that is what ur drawn to when u look at this. i also made this to put a smile on my friends face and my own. there hair was simple the boy (Lelouch) has easy hair simple curved lines nothing special. but u still have to pay atention to the placement of it u dont want his hair to over power the drawing. as for the girl (nunally) her hair was a bit more complicated. with a girls hair u have to put afiew more curvs in in to show the bouncyness lol. any questions?

come into the light once more

this picture is symbolizing me. and how i feel. im slowly comeing out of the darkness. this picture was very easy to do for me. there isnt much detail in it. its very simple but to everyone who has seen this picture it meens something to them it shows curage and strength. the placement of black shading was important here because i wanted to make it seem like a light picture but still with a hint of sadness in it. lol if u have questions feel free to ask ^_^

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shy Girl

This is a girl i drew when i was a little scared and shy i don't really remember why i felt like this. I took my time on this one. I was inspired to draw this by a friend of mine. her and i were alittle scared one day...well i felt like drawing how i felt. this image just kinda came to me. i think i drew it like this because i would love to look alittle something like this... but with a smile.


This drawing is of an anime character named Kuran Kaname. A pure blood vampire. I love to draw him because of the intense look to him. i had taken this drawing from one of my favorite manga's Vampire Night. I make sure to put alot of detail into his eyes. Working on his eyes
were pretty simple. You really just need to pay attention to the shading.

My first Anime

This is my very first Anime. I was 13 at the time. I copied it freehand out of Manga, a Japanese book. Manga is like a comic book.... but better that's from my point of view. after i had drawn this i fell in love with the whole anime thing. I started to read as many manga as i could. i wanted to work hard to improve my drawing skils. I have always love vampire's so this was pretty simple to draw. (didn't put as much detail as i thought i could) ^_^

A sad week

This is my 13th drawing that I produced this year. It took a pretty long time to do. What inspired to me to create this is that i was having a very sad depressing week.. I put all i could do was put my all into this drawing, it was a challenge to do but i tried my best to do what i can. I put my emotions aside when things get rough. I would put some emotions into my work just to give it some feeling. i believe that if u put ur all into what you love than you will truly sucseed.